Is Bathtub Refinishing Worth It?

Over the years of service, bathtubs lose their luster and shine. They take a lot of abuse from all that hot-and-cold-water. Replacing a bath can be pretty expensive, so many people opt for bathtub refinishing as a budget-friendly alternative to restoring its original condition. Is this a worthwhile endeavor?

The greatest benefit of such a job is that you save money, this is a cost-effective way to improve your tub’s condition and quality by adding a brand new finish of glaze. Your tub will look more beautiful and shiny, and won’t collect any dirt or bacteria. It’s like having a new bathroom feature. Reglazing will add at least 10 years to its life if done correctly. Another advantage is that you spare your local landfill the inconvenience of adding one more product, this is a smart technique people use during a bathroom renovation.

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