The Affordable Reglazing Service for Your Home Bathtubs

Do you happen to have those disgusting green and rust stains in your tub? These stains are caused by acidic water and other contaminants. When you want to remove them, opt for bathtubs refinishing service. This is because it is cheaper to have the tub reglazed than replaced.

The local refinishing service provider is Rockford Refinishing. I have cleaned, improved, and glazed countless bathtubs in Pecatonica, IL. Keeping your bathtub in great shape is an exhausting task. This is because you need to repair cracks and remove stains before refinishing it.

I am an expert in doing this, however. I have the necessary tools to remove dirty stains and seal cracks, too. The products I use to do this are of great quality. They don’t harm the color and durability of your tub. I assure you that after I seal the damaged area, you wouldn’t notice it was there.

A bathtub is a non-porous object. This means the solution doesn’t easily stick to it. What I do is etch the surface to allow the glaze to stick to it. If you are going to do this on your own, I warn you to let the expert handle it. You may etch the tub too hard, causing an uneven appearance.

The coating I use on your tub will give it a shine that lasts a long time. Also, when you touch the surface, it will have a smooth finish like it didn’t get stained and damaged.

Once I am through with your tub, it will look like brand new. Don’t settle for a poor reglazing. Get my bathtubs refinishing servicefor a perfect job. To avail of my service, call me at (815) 255-8155. Set an appointment so I can fix your tub right away.

The only bathtub service provider you need is Rockford Refinishing. My exceptional professional skill will get your tubs in perfect shape. Avail of my bathtubs refinishing service in Pecatonica, IL today.

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