What Does Bathtub Repair Involve?

Bathtub troubles can spring up out of the blue. You dropped something heavy accidentally, and there it is – a chip has appeared. These fixtures can also be damaged during transportation or installation. Fortunately, there are bathtub repair technicians who can handle issues, including:

  • Porcelain chip, crack, and hole repair;

  • Porcelain sink repair;

  • Tile & grout repair;

  • Fiberglass tub repair;

  • Acrylic tub repair;

  • Hot tub and Jacuzzi repair;

  • Surface imperfections, such as bubbles, bumps, lumps, etc.

  • Discoloration and fading;

  • Rough texture;

It is important to have a professional contractor to rely on for all these issues. Rockford Refinishing is always ready to go the extra mile to meet your needs and requirements. We are in Pecatonica, IL and reachable at (815) 255-8155.